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Nexus from ionage

Nexus helps you easily track & manage both the performance and transactions on your charging stations. While ionage app, you will be able to make your charging points discoverable to EV users across India

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OCPP compatible & OCPI enabled

Easily connect with your existing Charger Management System and onboard the network to the IONAGE platform in minutes. Boost your network visibility, utilisation, and revenue.

OCPP 1.6J | OCPI 2.1.1 & 2.2.1

IONAGE Nexus CMS Dashboard

Home page provides high level business metrics for the management to take crisp business decisions. The following details are provided as part of the home page

CMS Dashboard

Manage users and troubleshoot assets remotely, as well as manage charging sessions


Measure your network utilisation, user growth, revenue, and much more


Monitor the real-time status, trends, and availability of chargers and sessions

Why Nexus?

It's free

That's right! You don't pay for the CMS solution; you only pay for transactions occurring through the IONAGE APP.

Speed to Market

Get regular feature updates at no extra cost.

Unified Platform

IONAGE brings more customers to your charging station, solving customer pain points and enhancing the charging experience.

Use IONAGE Platform to

Build an EV friendly business
  • Enlist your business on Ionage & become visible as an EV friendly premise
  • Tap into a captive customer base of EV owners
  • Stand apart from the crowd with this unique offering & gain additional revenue
  • Boost your presence on Ionage through promotion on the app
Build Your Own Charger Network
  • You take care of charger installation & expansion. We take care of everything else.
  • All OCPP compatible charger can be published on Ionage without charger manufacturer dependency
  • Be single charger or multiple chargers, Ionage always has a place for your business
Integrate an existing charging network and become truly interoperable
  • Become part of the fastest growing unified EV charging platform
  • Expand and improve the charger network visibility
  • Boost your charger utilization, generate more revenue

Performance Highlights

4W EV charging sessions
DC fast chargers
300+ Tonne
worth of Carbon saved

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