Introducing digital solar based EV charging.

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Crafting a better
EV ecosystem.

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A connected platform for EV charging

The IONAGE platform is a comprehensive solution for both EV charging businesses and other enterprises looking to elevate their customer charging experience. With IONAGE, you not only boost your EV charging business but also seamlessly integrate with global EV manufacturer's dashboards and lifestyle apps.

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What do
our numbers say?


Charging sessions

so far through the platform across multiple networks


Charge points

available from charger networks like BPCL, MG Charge, 82Volt, Goego, Mobilane, Verdemobility etc.



Energy delivered

through the EV charging sessions across the multiple charger networks.

What do our partners
have to say?

Ashwani Kumar

Chief Manager, Technology
Bharat Petroleum

IONAGE partnership for BPC has been a single biggest factor that BPC needed only to think about procurement and installation of charger. Everything else - managing network, handling customers, handling and handholding dealers, co-ordinate with EV OEMs and Charger manufacturers has been handled by IONAGE. Their CMS platform and customer facing app are absolute state-of-art and no other in Industry come even close to them. Their response is a class apart. IONAGE literally owned up BPC charging network and did everything to ensure BPC network stays on top. I am highly grateful to them for such a top class service and support. They are the best partner one can wish to have in charging business.

Devansh Shah

EVAMP Technologies

From the outset, it was evident that IONAGE is not just a company but a collective force driven by passion, innovation, and an exceptional vision for the future of the EV ecosystem. Their far-sighted vision for the EV ecosystem is truly commendable, and it's evident that they are not merely following trends but actively pioneering them. The technology and products developed by IONAGE are not just advanced; they are affluent in features and capabilities. The team's collaborative spirit is exemplary and has created a unique synergy that binds all members together. In all I am extremely impressed with IONAGE and its team for  their forward-thinking vision, affluent technology, and collaborative spirit.