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Discover IONAGE NEXUS platform. Not just another CMS.

Experience the EV charging platform you've always desired.

What distinguishes us is our unique approach of addressing the intricacies of the ecosystem through advanced technology. We offer a customized software solution that caters to all aspects related to electric vehicles

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Oil Marketing Companies


Charge Point Operators

Electric Vehicle


Small & Medium Businesses

Unleash limitless possibilities.


The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an application protocol for communication between Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and a central management system. We are 1.6J compatible


Open Charge Point Interface, is an open communication protocol specifically designed for electric vehicle (EV) charging. We support both v2.1.1 & v2.2.1

User Management

User information, charging session details, usage patterns, and various other data can be monitored and managed.

Role Based Access

Manage users role and permissions. Give access to only specific modules.

Advanced Reporting

Monitor the real-time status, trends, and availability of chargers and sessions

Tariff Management

Tariff management enables operators to maintain unit prices for EV charging


Over-the-air firmware updates allow you to upgrade your charger's software without having to go to the charging station in person.

Automated Payouts

Easy monitoring of revenue, track payouts and generate reports.

SDK Integrations

Easily add the IONAGE charging platform to your mobile app for smooth integration and step into the world of electric vehicle charging effortlessly

Lead Generation

Access and initiate interest on installing charging points in and around your area

Dynamic Pricing

Helps operators to adjust their kilowatt-hour (kWh) pricing dynamically based on the actual hourly cost of electricity, rather than using a fixed rate.

Offer Platform

Offer special promotions and discounts to your customer base as a way to provide them with cost savings and incentives.